Learn efficiently in a short time and handle your embedded system skills at will!

What do you want to do when you learn embedded and microcontroller(MCU) technology? Wouldn't you like to freely handle your embedded skills to create things in the way you want ? Do you want to use the skills you have acquired to enrich your lifestyle?

Among engineering blogs and sites, this site is aimed at manufacturing engineers, especially those who want to be able to freely handle things using MCU as well as programming.

The course aims to provide the necessary skills for embedded engineers by explaining MCU systems as gently as possible, focusing on practical points, and giving them the essence of acquiring the skills and wisdom that can be applied immediately to any field in an efficient and short time.

Of course, the sample programs are not only for those who aim to become engineers, but also include original know-how useful for hobbyist electronics work, so please refer to them and use them as much as possible.

There is no doubt that demand for embedded engineers will increase in the future, but in order to keep up with the current trends, it is important to have not only single skills such as programming and embedded technology, but also a wide range of knowledge, experience (wisdom), and sense for technology that handles objects (hardware).

In "Tutorial to ARM(STM32)", I explain the skills required for embedded design development that are required in practice from the beginning of microcontrollers and peripheral circuits in order to master the ARM MCU.

The shortcut to progress is to not only deepen your understanding while programming on the desk, but also to use an actual teaching board to check the operation one by one without fail. In order to master the embedded technology that handles hardware, it is necessary to understand things through trial and error by actually assembling circuits yourself in order to hone your qualities as an engineer.

In the "Application program samples used in practice" section of the Sample Programs chapter, programs to check each function of the ARM MCUs are available, and if you combine these programs and develop them into applications, you can realize a small system.

This is the one and only site that not only provides technical explanations of the microcomputers used in embedded systems, but also helps you improve your skills as an engineer.

This section explains how to learn how to use ARM MCUs as a learning tool for those who want to become embedded engineers, including beginners, to learn practical skills, from the basics of microcomputers to designing small embedded systems.

What qualities would you like me to acquire as an embedded engineer? In addition to programming skills and specialized knowledge of microcomputers, experience and a good sense of hardware as objects are important for an engineer to be successful.

Learning Guidance
Where do we start with embedded learning? In the beginning, everyone is lost at first. I have an efficient curriculum for every level.

Tutorial to Embedded
This site systematically explains the hardware fundamentals necessary to master embedded technology, details how to use ARM (STM32) MCUs, and how to design embedded systems. Efficient learning procedures for embedded microcontrollers can be found here!