Measurement Applications
Posture detection by accelerometer and gyro sensor [STM32Nucleo]

The GY-521 Sensor Board with Accelerometer and Gyro Sensor (MPU-6050) can easily acquire 3-axis acceleration and 3-axis gyro data via I2C interface, and is recommended for its high information content and low cost. However, most of the information on the Internet is for Arduino, and while the programming can be easily utilized by anyone using […]

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Serial communication I2C Applications
I2C communication application [I2C of STM32]

This application program reads and writes to the I2C specification type EEPROM of STM32 MCU. Details of the peripherals are explained in Serial Communication I2C.  Program Description 

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Details of each peripheral
Serial communication I2C[I2C details of STM32]

This section explains how to use the STM32's built-in peripheral I2C. This chapter explains how to read and write data to an I2C-specification EEPROM as an example. What is serial communication I2C? I2C initialization procedure Purpose: I2C used is I2C1 and GPIOs are PB6 and PB7■ I2C : ACK Enable■ Address length to return ACK : 7 […]

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