If you cannot install STM32CubeIDE of STM32 genuine IDE

However, there were some cases where STM32CubeIDE installation was not possible, and I managed to resolve them, so I will explain them with examples.

 Trouble content :

After installing on a Windows 10 tablet, I get an "NSIS error" and cannot proceed.

NSIS Errof

I found that the cause of the NSIS error was that the installation file was corrupted, but the cause this time was that the Windows 10 user account name (especially the user folder name) was written in double-byte kanji characters.

User name of Local account
The Point

If the "NSIS error" occurs, check if the user account name is half-width characters, and if it is double-byte, change it to a half-width name. Finally, the folder of the user account must also be one-byte characters. Once the user name is half-width, you can now install the software normally. Most likely, this will solve the problem.


There are enough references on the Internet on how to change user account names. Search for "Windows 10 user account name change" and you will find a lot of references. Some of them manipulate the registry, so please be very careful.

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