String Interrupt send application Part 1 [USART of STM32]

This application sends strings via interrupt in USART with the STM32 MCU. This method is the simplest and easiest to understand, using a pointer to store the string in a variable while sending it, but it is limited to one type of string, and if several types of strings are sent, they interfere with each other.

This program sends a string to the PC using interrupts and is valid only for sending one type of string. If you want to send another string in succession, it must be buffered as described next.

Here is the simplest case of using a pointer to send a string using an interrupt.

This sends one type of pre-registered string.
The function to send the string is repeatedly executed in an infinite loop every 500ms.

When using interrupts, the interrupt handler is called and the transmission is processed only when necessary, instead of waiting during program execution until the transmission register is empty and ready for transmission each time a transmission is made.

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